Avalon Bay Huntington Beach Lofts

CJA was contracted by Avalon Bay Communities, Inc. to design and construct a relatively water tight perimeter shoring system. CJA contracted DRS Engineering, Inc. to assist with the design. The design consisted of a 301 ea. triple axis Cement Deep Soil Mix (CDSM) panels to a depth of 50 feet below grade along the project perimeter with beams in every other column. CJA utilized two beam sizes, W16x40 beams in a cantilever condition and W16x36 with walers and tie backs. There were 117 tie backs drilled to 40 – 45 feet depths, consisting of three and four strand anchors. The tie backs were necessitated due to a deeper excavation for an underground parking portion. Rakers were used at the North East corner due to an existing electrical tower.

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