Playa Vista Parcel 1 & 2

CJA was contracted by Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co. to install auger cast displacement piles (ACDP) for a 5-story new commercial building in the Playa Vista Development. The project consisted of 2 building in 2 parcels across the street from each other connected via a bridge. The contract was in two parts, a test program and a production program.

CJA installed a test program and conducted load test. The load test results achieved were higher than anticipated and Condon-Johnson was able to reduce the quantity of piles saving the Owner time and cost on the project.

The final design consisted of 1,408 ACDP’s with an average design depth of 50 feet below grade. This project was slightly different regarding depth. Typically, depths are known prior to drilling piles. On this project each pile was drilled until a minimum torque of 180,000 foot-lbs was sustained for 4 feet vertical feet into a dense sand layer at depth. The center bar had to be specialty cut to depth for each pile based on when the minimum torque was sustained for 4 feet vertical feet per pile. The final average depth was 45 feet below grade.