San Diego Central Court

The state funded $555M central courthouse has 22 stories and helps develop a civic zone in downtown San Diego where city, county, federal and court facilities can be centrally located within close proximity to each other. This courthouse was necessary since the three courthouses that it will replace are significantly outdated and one of them is considered unsafe by today’s standards as it is located on a major fault line. CJA’s scope of the project is to install soldier pile shoring for the courthouse, a bridge pier cap as well as CIDH piles for a pedestrian bridge that will link the new courthouse to the existing Hall of Justice. The courthouse footprint is a full city block, which required 36,000 square feet of shoring and 142 piles that extended below the water table.

Rudolph & Sletten is the CM for the project. The shoring for the courthouse is currently complete and the remaining work includes limited access installation of 6ea 3’dia 80’ deep wet hole piles and shoring for the pedestrian bridge.

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