Barettes are rectangular load bearing piles that are constructed under slurry. They are often used in conjunction with diaphragm wall construction due to the equipment/methodology being common between both techniques. Barettes are typically constructed in areas with dense/historic infrastructure where a rigid shoring system is required, noise are vibration are required to be limited, and dewatering is not considered practical to allow convention earth retention systems or where a top down construction technique is preferred.

Barettes have a greater resistance to horizontal stress and bending moments than circular piles of the same section and due to their larger perimeter they have an increased lateral friction than a circular pile of the same section. Due to their mammoth size, barettes can lend themselves to top down or conventional basement construction methods on high rise buildings with deep basement excavations. Barettes can be constructed singular or jointed together for larger sizes. Excavation of the barette can extend into rock for higher loadings.

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