Compaction Grouting

Condon-Johnson & Associates (CJA) is a recognized leader in the ground improvement industry and has a track record of successful project in which cost-effective ground improvement techniques have been used, including compaction grouting.

Compaction grouting is a the injection of injecting a very stiff mortar mix under high-pressures and at a controlled injection rate to displace and densify loose granular soils, reinforce fine grained soils, and fill subsurface voids or sink holes. The grout is typically injected up stage as the injection pipe is  extracted in 2-ft to 3-ft stages to to  create a column of overlapping grout bulbs.

Grout is usually injected until a predetermined volume is injected or a pressure at a given injection rate is reached. Granular soils are densified as the grout bulb at the end of the injection pipe forces water and/or air out of the voids and the soils density, friction angle, and stiffness increase.

Compaction grouting is used to increase bearing capacity, decrease settlement and liquefaction potential, treat existing sinkholes, or reduce the sinkhole potential in areas of karst ground conditions.

For more information on CJA’s expertise, design/build options, and services for compaction grouting please contact our nearest office location.