Permeation/Dam Grouting

Condon-Johnson & Associates (CJA) is a recognized leader in the ground improvement industry and has a track record of successful project in which cost-effective ground improvement techniques have been used, including permeation/dam grouting.

Permeation/dam grouting is also known as slurry grouting, or high mobility grouting, is the injection of specially designed cement-based mixes into the pore spaces of granular soils or into the voids, open joints, or shear zones in rock. In turn, the native soil or rock formations strength is increased and permeability is decreased. CJA offers cement grouting technologies that are cost-effective and permanent solutions to reduce water flow through rock formations beneath dams, underpin foundations, and/or provide excavation support. In rock foundation,  a small diameter hole is drilled to intercept the voids, fissures, or cracks and grout is pumped under pressure into the void spaces or cracks to improve their stability or reduce permeability. In soils, a small diameter hole is drilled and a sleeve port packer pipe is grouted in place to isolate the various treatment depths within the hole and to prevent grout communication with the ground surface.

CJA has developed our own computer monitored grouting software to allow real-time monitoring of all grouting parameters during the project. This allows the operator to easily adjust the mix type, pressure, volume, and flow rate based on real-time data.. All data collected during monitoring is recorded to produce grouting reports along with 3D drawings depicting the location, depth, orientation, water test results, and grout takes for each grout hole within the curtain.

For more information on CJA’s expertise, design/build options, and services for permeation/dam grouting please contact our nearest office location.