Stone Columns

Condon-Johnson & Associates (CJA) is a recognized leader in the ground improvement industry and has a track record of successful project in which cost-effective ground improvement techniques have been used, including stone columns.

Stone columns (sometimes called rammed aggregate piers or vibro piers) are a ground improvement technique that produces continuous vertical columns of dense interlocking aggregate. Stone columns are used to increase the bearing capacity and mitigate liquefaction of cohesive soils and densify granular soils underneath the future foundation of a structure and/or embankments. They also reduce total and differential settlement of the structure.

CJA utilizes two methods to install stone columns: wet top feed or dry bottom feed, In the bottom feed system, the vibroprobe is inserted into the ground to the target depth using compressed air or water jetting, and the weight of the probe. Aggregate is then tremied through a steel pipe to the bottom of the probe where the aggregate is then compacted by raising and lowering the probe repeatedly through the placed aggregate to increase the diameter of the column and densify the surrounding soils.

For more information on CJA’s expertise, design/build options, and services for stone columns please contact our nearest office location.