Virginia Mason Medical Center

CJA was selected to construct the barrel vault tunnel support for the Virginia Mason Jones 3 Tunnel Project in three phases. This tunnel is being built to connect the existing emergency room to a new surgery suite. In order to support excavation during tunneling CJA used the T43 Beretta to install 6-5/8 inch casing (spilling) in a square formation. Each spilling was surveyed with an Inertial Sensing Gyroscope to verify hole alignment before excavation began. The ground is then stabilized via permeation grouting using microfine grout injected though the ports in the casing. The project is being constructed in 3-phases due to the zig-zag pattern of the tunnel.

To protect the hospital from contamination, air quality control methods were implemented to maintain a negative air work environment. Extensometers were also monitored to minimalize impacting hospital activities and eliminate compromising the structural integrity of the Jones Building.

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