Mission Bay Block 3 East
Location: San Francisco, CA

Project Partner: Nibbi Brothers Construction

Challenge: Installation of 3 piece piles with confined access

Overview: Condon-Johnson was contracted to install the driven HP14x89 piles for a new veterans housing building in the Mission Bay District of San Francisco.

Results: Condon-Johnson’s key personnel successfully managed and installed 118 each three piece HP14x89 piling with lengths up to 265 feet, the longest in Mission Bay at the time. As one of the last lots for construction in Mission Bay, the project resulted in working within close proximity of housing and hospitals. This made daily night delivery of materials and strict work windows a critical factor in construction. Each pile was started by installing the first piece with an ABI TM25M to ensure location and assess obstructions in the upper fill. After splicing, both the second and third section of piling were installed using a D62-22 diesel impact hammer.