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Dominic Parmantier, P.E. - Vice President, Engineering
Based in the company’s Seattle office, Dominic Parmantier specializes in assessment and implementation of ground improvement methods as well as conventional anchored earth retention and drilled shafts.

Dominic joined Condon-Johnson in 2003 as a Project Manager and has estimated and managed numerous assignments that involved geotechnical design for ground improvement, anchored earth retention, and permanent foundations.

Projects have included micro-piles, anchored earth retention, slurry walls, compaction grouting, cement grouting, chemical grouting, jet grouting, deep soil mixing, and vibro-replacement stone columns.

Dominic has extensive experience with several grouting techniques, anchored earth retentions, and micropiles in a variety of soil conditions while working on sites from Detroit to British Columbia and Honolulu.

Dominic was directly involved in the Reno Transportation Rail Access Corridor (RETRAC), Beacon Hill Tunnel, 505 1st Ave CSM Project, the Sound Transit U-220 Tunnel, and the Ground Based Missile Defense (GBD) at Fort Greeley, Alaska.

Prior to Condon-Johnson, Dominic worked for Hayward Baker and for Schnabel Foundation Company. Dominic has a BSCE from the University of Portland, Oregon, an MSCE from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg Virginia and is a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho.