Block 5 – Park Tower
Location: San Francisco, CA

Project Partner: Clark Construction Group

Challenge: Installation of dewatering wells to fit the project’s needs and constraints.

Overview: Condon-Johnson was contracted to install the CIDH Piles and the internal bracing for the Park Tower as well the installation of dewatering wells.

Results: Because the jobsite was congested with 4 foot and 6 foot diameter shafts, the placement of the dewatering was crucial to the success of the project. Thirteen each 24 inch dewatering wells were strategically-placed throughout the congested site. One of the main challenges Condon-Johnson faced was installing the pumps and timers associated with the wells and ensuring that they turned on and off as the water level fluctuated. In addition, the large amount of excavators and Bobcats active on the site required daily monitoring of the wells to protect the integrity of the dewatering system.